Ashley Karras received her BS from Utah State University where she studied journalism and visual arts. At age 23, her passion for detail lines everything she touches with silver stitching traditionally reserved for veteran filmmakers. Karras has worked in the realms of live television, corporate video and has assisted other directors in documentaries, features and shorts.  She works as a freelance videographer and resides in Ogden, Utah.

James Parkinson was co-lead counsel in the JPOW case. He co-authored the book Soldier Slaves with Lee Benson, which gives an in-depth account of the JPOW case and the decades-old war abuses involved.

A graduate of Brigham Young University law school, Parkinson has been practicing law since 1976. Today he travels the country as a public speaker sharing the story JPOW story while promoting literacy. He lives with his wife, Susan, in California, where he is in private practice.