“This long overdue story of great courage and great suffering rewarded with great injustice should be required reading for every member of Congress. It is a tale to make you at once proud and angry.”Tom Brokaw
“The Battling Bastards of Bataan, and all others who paid a dear price for freedom as Pacific Theater prisoners-of-war, deserve – and need – to be remembered. Not just for them, but for us.”
From the foreword by Senators Orrin Hatch and Joe Biden


Decades-old war abuses are given up-to-the-minute relevance in this book about World War II American soldiers seeking restitution from Japanese companies that used them as slave laborers during the war. Their tale is told by the lawyer representing them, James Parkinson. With the help of a well-known journalist, Parkinson ties the present to the past by interspersing horrific war narrative with modern-day dramas played out in courtrooms and congressional hearing rooms as lawyers, judges, senators, and congressmen debate the merits of a case now known as the JPOW case. In the process, wartime brutality confronts peacetime prosperity, and economics, not military might, determines the outcome. For a longer description of the book, or to order the book alone, please visit soldierslaves.com.